REEF SERVICES is an ambitious research project primarily funded by the BNP Paribas Foundation.

After the impressive impact of the last climate-induced global mortality of corals in 2015-2016, REEF SERVICES has the main goal of understanding how climate anomalies may impact the services that coral reefs provide to coastal human societies in the Pacific Ocean.


REEFLUX is a spin-off project of REEF SERVICES. Primarily funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR), REEFLUX has the main objective of quantifying how corals loss may propagate through the food web affecting theĀ  flux of nutrient and energy typical of healthy coral reef ecosystems


RISQUERECIFS is a spin-off project of REEF SERVICES primarily funded by the Government of French Polynesia. The major goal of RISQUERECIFS is quantifying whether the mortality of corals related to ongoing climate change may affect the capacity of coral reefs to protect coastal societies from oceanic waves.


NUTRITION is the last spin-off project deriving from REEF SERVICES. It is funded by the Fondation de France and has the main objective of evaluating the impact of climate change on the cultural and nutritional values of reef fishes.

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